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How shared spaces slash office running costs.

Office lease rent accounts for only around a third of your total cost of occupancy, so you can see there are some hidden costs in leasing your own office. Costs that you may not understand upfront, but be locked into for at least three years, sometimes much more.

So before you make up your mind between leasing an office, or renting in a shared space, have a look at our comparison, which shows that serviced offices in a shared space are around half the total occupancy cost.

Furthermore, in a shared office you pay for the space you need and when it comes time to grow – you can up-size by taking a larger serviced office, or expand into the interconnecting office next door.

And if you need to down-size? That’s just as simple, move to a smaller office or even a dedicated workstation in our co-working area. Recent COVID-19 lockdowns demonstrated how important rental flexibility is for small and large businesses.

Now your business might only need a small office for four or more staff, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression with your clients or new staff.

You might only need a 20 or 40m2  serviced office but this comes with full use of over 512 sqm of beautiful architect designed shared facilities, for you and your staff to enjoy.

This is a major benefit of co-working spaces, that provide unbeatable sqm occupancy costs, when compared with leasing your own office.

At Hastings HIVE this works out around $75 per sqm for an eight person private serviced office, which includes all outgoings (like rates, maintenance and landlord insurance) and most of the OPEX items like IT and networking services, power, cleaning, rubbish, office and kitchen supplies and so much more.

As well as getting an affordable workplace, you will also get the best of what an office should have with fantastic break-out spaces and meetings rooms, superior internet fibre connectivity, luxury style bathroom with showers, and a well equipped kitchen/cafe with free espresso coffee.

All of this with only your printing as an additional cost!

New Zealand’s leading engineering firm Beca are recent arrivals at Hastings HIVE. Matt Sanders, Beca Hawke’s Bay Market Leader says the HIVE ticked the most boxes as a suitable office.

“We wanted a space that was going to be quick and easy to set up with all the facilities we needed.

“The Hive has this and more! We have our own serviced office with the flexibility to scale as we need, ultra-fast fibre and IT server capacity that we can utilise as we grow and fantastic break out areas including a café/kitchen and all the meeting rooms we could need. For a detailed comparison please see: