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Video Interview with Levi Armstrong – Meke Meter innovator
Levi Armstrong is the last of 12 interviews we have done with local business owners. Levi has 2 exciting initiatives, the Meke Meter that measures and monitords our overall well being and the other a mobile gym that will be launched at a Wellington school in a few weeks. During lockdown the Meke Meter monitored the wellbeing of over 1000...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview with Rachel Cornwall of Populous People
Rachel Cornwall has placed some of the best people in some great local businesses for many years. During Covid19 Rachel decided to reset and to launch a new business that not only finds the best talent but also how to assist businesses grow the talent within. Rachel is a staunch HB advocate and is a local business that is certainly...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video interview with Heath Hallam of BDO Central
Heather Hallam is a partner at BDO Central. Heather says its essential businesses know the current status of cashflow and a business plan, regardless of Covid19. CASH is king - it's never been as important as it is now. Here's our latest quick 15 minute interview. It's certainly worth watching!
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview with Gary Singh of The Clean Crew
Gary Singh is the owner of  The Clean Crew, a local cleaning business. Gary and his team have been busy looking at new opportunities post lockdown but it was his wife that he turned to for support and advice and to ensure he was on the right track. The Clean Crew's business was impacted by Covid19 with many commercial offices...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview – Stacia Jenson of Lilybee Wrap
Stacia Jenson of LilyBee Wrap has been juggling parenting and working from home over the last several weeks. Stacia said communication was vital during lockdown, but fortunately her business trips back to the US over the last few years to promote Lilybee Wraps, was a good practice run to working in isolation. Here's our quick 15 minute interview with her.
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Video Interview with Craig Sidoruk
HR expert and The Profit columnist Craig Sidoruk gives us an insight into what support business owners have needed during lockdown, his lockdown craving and his hopes for our local economy. Craig provides HR support to members of Business Central NZ.
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video interview with Katie Nimon of Nimon & Sons
Nimons Transport is an iconic Hawke's Bay business that has already survived 3 significant economic downturns. The business has been massively impacted by Covid19 - its fleet of buses has been grounded and some of its staff was also exposed to Covid due to a cruise ship visit to Hawke's Bay. Katie provides an insight into the impact on the...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview – 15 minutes with Tobias Taylor.
Tobias Taylor is the chief executive of Midlands Mortgage Trust. The fund has $52 million in loans out on $120 m in security, so he says the firm has a lot of head room in its asset allocation. He says once you talk to your investor clients in the numbers and facts - they're pretty happy to continue to get...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video interview series – with Paul Harvey of Williams Harvey Valuers
Paul Harvey is a 4th generation business owner in Hastings. Paul has a wealth of knowledge of the local property scene and in this interview gives his views on what could happen to property values as well as how well placed the local economy is for a recovery.  
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Series – a quick catch up with Carl Leipst
Our latest episode of our quick fire interviews with local business owners has just landed. Carl Leipst is the owner of Diva Bar and part owner of The Loading Ramp in Havelock North. He's also a board member of the Havelock North Business Association. Carl's businesses have been closed entirely during lockdown. Interviews brought to you by Business Central. To...