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Video Interview with Craig Sidoruk
HR expert and The Profit columnist Craig Sidoruk gives us an insight into what support business owners have needed during lockdown, his lockdown craving and his hopes for our local economy. Craig provides HR support to members of Business Central NZ.
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview – 15 minutes with Tobias Taylor.
Tobias Taylor is the chief executive of Midlands Mortgage Trust. The fund has $52 million in loans out on $120 m in security, so he says the firm has a lot of head room in its asset allocation. He says once you talk to your investor clients in the numbers and facts - they're pretty happy to continue to get...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video interview series – with Paul Harvey of Williams Harvey Valuers
Paul Harvey is a 4th generation business owner in Hastings. Paul has a wealth of knowledge of the local property scene and in this interview gives his views on what could happen to property values as well as how well placed the local economy is for a recovery.  
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Time to take stock of employment law compliance
Welcome to 2020 In the rush of business, it is easy to take our eye off the ball when it comes to employment law compliance. The beginning of the New Year is a good time for many businesses to take stock and review changes to employment law and how they may impact on your business. Here is a brief overview...