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A new direction for longstanding business – Orsborn Roadmarkers

Orsborn Roadmarkers have a long history of making their mark across Hawke’s Bay and beyond. As the family-owned business celebrates 60 years serving the Bay, they are embarking on a bold and exciting new direction and embracing the opportunity of a change of ownership.

Local businessman Taurus Taurima, owner of the multi-award winning civil construction business Topline Contracting, has purchased Orsborn Roadmarkers. The Orsborn family will maintain an involvement in the business, which will operate as a standalone new entity Orsborn Roadmarkers (2024) Ltd and will continue to operate from its current premises in Kelfield Place, Hastings.

This new direction has the Orsborn’s and new owner Taurus excited by the opportunity to enhance the business’s longstanding reputation. Having created a successful business formula at Topline Contracting, taking it from a start-up to employing over 60 staff, he also sees a bright future for the roadmarking business and is keen to build on its 60 year reputation and invest significantly in growing the business.

“I’ve gotten to know the team at Orsborn’s over the last few years as we’ve worked on a number of projects together and could see they had a good business with a loyal customer base and unlimited potential,” Taurus says.

Angela and husband Lucas have been third generation owners of Orsborn Roadmarkers. Lucas’ grand parents Tony and Heather founded the business in 1964, before passing it on to Adrian and Glenda.

Angela will remain involved in the day-to-day operations as Branch Manager, and Taurus will look to appoint a general manager to accelerate business growth. Angela and Lucas said the business has grown under their watch but to take it to the next level, to double or triple revenue, they began talking about the best approach.

“We could have looked at a larger corporate-type business but they would have just absorbed the brand into their business or we could look for a local business that was more complimentary to us.

“We’ve known Carl Webber (Topline’s CEO) for a long time and we had also seen the success of Taurus and had gotten to know him. I have admired his approach to business and his vision for Hawke’s Bay and how he looks after his staff. “I was doing the same, nurturing and mentoring our staff, but on a smaller level. We approached Taurus and he was really keen.

“With Taurus we can now grow the business. It’s really exciting and we couldn’t have found a better person to take on the family business,” Angela says.

Quickly Taurus has set about making the most of the businesses potential, and is investing in new plant and equipment, rebranding and a new office fit-out to enhance the working environment and professional look for visitors. He is also researching the latest in roadmarking technology from Europe, which will support efficiencies and quality of workmanship.

“I want the office to portray the warmth of the people who work there with a welcoming vibe, and I want the great work our people do to be supported by the latest in roadmarking technology,” Taurus says.


Taurus has a simple business model that led to the success of Topline Contracting, “You name it, we do it”, which he will repeat at Orsborns. This ethos put Topline, which started
in 2016 on a fast growth and success trajectory that has positioned Topline Contracting well within the local market.

“We’ve become a preferred support contractor for national firms working on road and safety improvements, footpaths, cycleways and walkways all over Hawke’s Bay. We also undertake direct engagement projects with local authorities, government sectors, commercial and residential clients.”

Topline Contracting took out the 2023 Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce Datacom Supreme Winner Award after winning the Outstanding Social Impact Award category. Taurus is committed to providing employment and training opportunities particularly for youth and those facing employment challenges. Having turned his own life around, Taurus now offers the same opportunity through his Training Academy which was launched in 2022.

The Topline Training Academy offers 3 Intakes each year and has enrolled 81 cadets to date over 6 intakes, with 72 graduates entering directly into employment within local businesses throughout Hawke’s Bay including Topline Contracting. See story on page 26. With his passion for whanau and the local community, Taurus views the acquisition of Orsborn Roadmarkers as an opportunity to roll his sleeves up and lead Orsborn Roadmarkers (2024) Ltd into a bright and prosperous future.

The business will continue to offer a full range of road marking services under its new ownership and is poised to solidify its reputation as the leading roadmarking business delivering quality services throughout the Hawke’s Bay.