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The +MORE team adding to your business

+MORE, a business advisory and accountancy firm in Hawke’s Bay, believe every small and medium New Zealand business deserves access to business advice that is fuelled by technical capability and practical commercial experience.

That’s why their Hawke’s Bay team are here to provide local business owners with advice that has depth to support them through the challenges that come with being in business. Jess Tietjen & Sam Ogle are behind the +MORE team here in Hawke’s Bay. They advise clients on a wide range of business issues and are considered trusted partners when it comes to helping their clients succeed.

They are focused on providing advice that is practical, commercially driven, and the most relevant to the client. Invaluable support to Bay businesses Do you know your ‘why’ as a business owner?
An established business completed a business planning session with Jess recently after going years without having a plan in place. With no plan, the business owner lacked clarity around their future direction and what success looked like to them.

“One of the most important things that come out of our sessions is nailing down what success looks like for the business owner and looking into how they can make their business work for them, to achieve their versions of success, whatever that may be” says Jess. During the session they reviewed their past performance and future direction, as well as set realistic goals with clear strategies on how to achieve those goals. All these key learnings come together to make up their one-page business plan.

Following the session, the client now has clarity on what steps they need to take to achieve their version of success. To help stay accountable to the plan, Jess meets with the client every quarter to check in and help assist with any roadblocks or challenges along the way.

This is part of +MORE’s quarterly coaching service. A performance duo. Jess recently worked with a new client who felt they didn’t have a handle on how their business was performing at any given time.

“Many business owners find it hard to step out of the day to day running of their business and take that essential look into how it’s performing” says Jess.

Firstly, Jess worked with them to ensure their financial information in their accounting software was accurate and up to date. From there, they developed customised reports and dashboards that were meaningful and easily understandable to the client.

The dashboards are integrated with the client’s accounting software, which is in real time meaning the client can now access accurate and up to date information whenever they need it.  This has been crucial to identifying issues before they become a major problem.

Pair dashboard reporting like this with +MORE’s quarterly coaching service and you have the perfect performance duo. +MORE’s quarterly coaching involves meeting every quarter to review reporting, assist with challenges, clarify areas for improvement, and develop a 90-day action plan to keep on track to achieving the client’s overall strategy.

Local firm with national strength and experience

“Being part of a nationwide firm means that we can tap into wider expertise if required, so we can continuously deliver the best outcomes for our clients.” says Jess. “Whether you’re an established business looking to grow or sell, or an entrepreneur just starting out, we can support you to achieve your goals through our extensive range of advisory services, while ensuring your tax requirements are well managed”. If you are an ambitious business owner and need an advisor that can coach you to success and help you reach your goals, then +MORE is the best place you can be.