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Big enough to deliver – small enough to care

Agnew Transport owner Willie Agnew understands his customers’ needs like no other.

Willie started his career as a fruit and vegetable farmer and to this day is still involved in the industry as an orchard owner.

“Coming from this background, I needed trucks to come and cart my own produce. I understand the importance of having a reliable carrier who can pick up and deliver produce in the best possible condition, on time and at a reasonable rate,”

This led Willie to purchase a truck for his own carting needs. He soon expanded and carted for other growers, establishing Agnew Transport Services Ltd.

“My relationship with Rockit started on the ground floor when they started distributing the unique apple that they sell today.

“We are proud that Agnew Transport continues to be Rockit’s main transport service provider for carting apples from their orchards to the packhouse, and local coolstore/packhouse work.

“Our transport dispatchers are focused with helping all our customers, including working with Rockit, to maintain the constant supply of apples from orchards to their packhouse.”

Agnew Transport offers a fleet predominately to service the horticulture sector but also has suitable equipment to do other commodities, including fertilizer, aggregate, silage. hay and general freight.

To support the transport division, Agnew Transport has diversified the business into two divisions – earthworks/civil and agriculture contracting.

“This has enabled us to assist our horticulture clients (including Rockit) with their new green field developments and any re-development within their orchards and vineyards.

“This has been a huge help to assist with our staffing requirements with work all year round, as the harvest season happens in a very small window of the year.”

As a smaller local company Agnew Transport takes pride in offering customers the personal touch a larger corporation cannot deliver resulting in the company catch phrase: big enough to deliver, small enough to care.

Willie says that as Agnew Transport is an established local business it offers an excellent knowledge of the area. Competitive pricing and flexible hours are other hallmarks of the company to meet customer needs.

This is especially important as every year Agnew Transport carts large volumes of fruit and produce to various packhouses and processing facilities.

“We have the systems and people in place to gear up to manage peak season requirements for our clients. Our experience means we understand their business and we know how to deliver what they need when they require.”