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WashRite – the Rite choice

Anthony Norris is sure he has made the RITE decision to take on the Hawke’s Bay franchise for Wash Rite, which is New Zealand’s largest exterior cleaning business with 23 franchises and growing.

Anthony is up for the challenge and he’s not daunted by taking on the exterior cleaning of large-scale buildings in any weather elements, as he loves working outside, something he did in his former career in the New Zealand Navy.

He spent 17 years as a Navy officer specialising in navigation and warfare and although Wash Rite is a land based business, it requires a similar set of skills of tackling projects that require good planning and implementation. He’ll probably be a pretty good aim with the water blaster as well!

“Wash Rite appealed as I wanted to be working outside and I love being able to help people and leave them with a smile on their face.

“I truly believe I can accomplish that and leave customers happy and also surprised at the difference we can make with our services.

“Wash Rite also appealed as it is a high profile award winning franchise which has excellent procedures in place and a proven track record with franchises and after speaking with other business owners and Troy (the founder of Wash Rite) I could tell this would be a good fit for me with good people, who are always willing to help each other out.”

Wash Rite was established in August 2015,by Troy Hillard and it has quickly grown to 23 franchises in operation in 26 cities in New Zealand, from Whangarei to Auckland, Hamilton to Wellington and from Christchurch to Dunedin and is also expanding into Australia.

Wash Rite NZ services both the residential and commercial markets, providing building cleaning services, including window cleaning, roof washing, deck and fence cleaning, pest and insect control, driveway and concrete path cleaning.

Over the past 7 years, Wash Rite has become known for high quality wash trucks within the exterior cleaning industry. So much so other exterior cleaning companies have tried to copy the Wash Rite design with various amounts of success.

Wash Rite’s 3rd generation wash trucks were designed with input from many of the franchisees and a key modification has been to place both engine and pumps on the passenger side of the truck, freeing up deck space while also improving operational safety.

“It means the operator did not have to go into the traffic lane to start the motors.

However the largest change to the trucks is a fabricated aluminium chemical drum holder mounted under the deck that allows 6 x 20lt water drums to be carried and freeing up deck space.

Troy sees huge potential for Anthony and Kim’s Wash Rite  franchise in Hawke’s Bay and some large building jobs have already been priced up and the brand gaining strong interest due to Wash Rite’s innovations in cleaning products, soaps, and water run off covers that catch water, preventing run off into storm water drains.

“This is very appealing for many businesses, especially local councils and central government agencies that are committed to the environment, but also want to protect their biggest assets.

Troy says the same approach can be taken with residential homes and the importance of maintaining the exterior paint condition and their 10 year warranties.

“A house is usually someone’s biggest asset and it’s important to look after it, whether that’s a soft clean that protects the paint or cleaning gutters.

“We are also undertake a lot of pre-sale exterior cleaning as a first impression is very important.

Troy is excited about Anthony and wife Kim joining the Wash Rite franchise family. He says they are keen to learn and bring with them good work ethic and a desire to develop great client relationships.

“The Wash Rite brand is fortunate to have such experienced and qualified franchisees joining our brand and Anthony and Kim are a fantastic addition to our franchise family.

Anthony is looking forward to getting around Hawke’s Bay and quickly building a great reputation for quality workmanship that in turn grows his business.

“We will be starting off with just ourselves but we have goals which will require us to expand in due course and we’re willing to do that as soon as we can.

Visit or contact Anthony on 0800 101 216 or 027 406 7264