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Unison partners with Faraday Museum to celebrate 100 years of powering communities

Local lines company Unison Networks is partnering with the Faraday Museum of Technology this month to celebrate 100 years of powering communities.

Founded on 19 June 1924 as the Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board, Unison has grown from a small lines company in Hawke’s Bay to a global group of specialist electricity companies.

To celebrate this milestone, Napier’s Faraday Museum will host an interactive exhibition on the history of Unison and the Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board over the last century. The exhibition will showcase historical stories and items from the community and provide a unique look into the rich history of Hawke’s Bay’s consumer-owned electricity network. The exhibition is open to the public from 21 June to 31 August.

Members of the community can see the exhibition for FREE on Saturday 29 June, when the Faraday Museum will host a ‘Live Day’ from 9:30am to 3:30pm. The museum, located at 2B Faraday Street, Napier South, will host interactive exhibits and activities showcasing Unison’s journey over the past century.

Unison Group Chief Executive, Jaun Park encourages everyone to join this community celebration and experience Unison’s history firsthand.

“We’re very proud of our long-standing connection with our communities over the past 100 years. As we mark this century of service, we want to celebrate with everyone who has been part of our journey. The ‘Live Day’ is a great chance for our people and community members to connect with Unison’s history and celebrate together with free entry.

“This milestone isn’t just an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come as a region over the last 100 years, but also serves as inspiration for what the next 100 years could bring,” Mr Park said.

Unison invites anyone connected to its journey to join the Facebook group named ‘Celebrating 100 Years of Unison (Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board)’ to share memories, photos, and stories. For more details, visit