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50 issues of The Profit

It’s taken a bit longer than expected to get to 50 issues due to COVID19 and most recently the cyclone that struck our region in February. I regard 50 issues as a significant milestone. It has taken 13 years to achieve and I recall the launch of the idea and the doubt by some that a positive regional business publication wouldn’t last more than one issue.

The reason, a belief that there wasn’t enough great business stories. That view has proven to be well and truly incorrect. Every issue has been packed with stories on local businesses and business identities. Our launch issue in March 2010 had the former Prime Minister John Key on the cover and our editorial team covered the roll out of ultrafast fibre as well as a profile on the face of Big Save Furniture Lily McKimm.

As well as profiles and features, we kick started a Pro Experts section of the magazine with four local business professionals providing free advice on finance, technology, business development and sales.

We now have 11 local business experts. Some of which have been regulars for many years such as Paul Harvey of Williams Harvey.



“When The Profit first approached Williams’ Harvey back in 2010 to become a regular contributor on all things property, we could see the potential in this new Hawke’s Bay magazine with a dedicated business focus.

“We committed to the first four issues (1 year) of publication and have not missed an issue since (13 years later). The content and distribution are complementary to Williams’ Harvey and we feel it gives us the ability to articulate that we can provide expertise in property valuation. It is always difficult to measure how effective print media advertising is, however after every issue we also receive direct instructions or have clients and others commenting on our topic from the previous issue. “This gives me confidence that our marketing budget is being effectively spent and the distribution of The Profit is reaching our target market.”

Local entrepreneur Luke Irving has been a supporter of The Profit since he arrived with his fast growing technology business, Fingermark, from Auckland in 2017. Luke was on the cover feature in 2020, talking about the global expansion of his business which provides artificial intelligence (AI) software with real time and predictive business analytics which is used by global fast food giant Restaurant Brands. Luke has dabbled in publishing, launching New Zealand’s first independent student magazine and understands the challenges of being a niche publisher.

“As a past publisher I can empathise with the challenges of deploying a regular issue, this is no easy feat I can assure you, we got to 10 let alone 50. “The consistency and focus of our local community has been a pleasure to follow accentuated by Damon’s passion around sports and business. The Profit has helped support these industries to bring cool stories onto the coffee tables of our homes.  “The connections and impacts these stories make are what helps knit these communities together, after all Hawke’s Bay is renowned for its humble ambition. My feeling is without The Profit, these achievements and stories will be left untold.”

Karla Lee, CEO, Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce says The Profit continues to demonstrate all the ways that our region is a great place to live and work. “It is wonderful to have a platform for businesses to share their stories and insights, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among business owners and professionals in the region.”

Avid reader John Newland has provided regular feedback after reading the magazine. John was the long standing chief executive of Farmlands and regarded as one of the region’s leading business figures. For John it is important that success stories are at the forefront, as success breeds success.

“Success is motivating and we need to be exposed to these successful individuals and teams so that other capable people step up and apply their abilities for their own benefit and that of our community.


“Each issue of The Profit is another burst of positivity within our region. The detailed outlines of businesses and organisations, along with what they are achieving are inspiring.

“What I always enjoy is the stories of the people who are often creating and then driving these businesses. Each issue is a treasure.”

Dr Tom Hartley is also a keen reader of The Profit, but has stepped up to becoming the magazine’s technology expert columnist. Tom, who is the owner of local cybersecurity
firm Govern, says the magazine has informed the business community about the latest tech as well as the how businesses can seize the opportunities and be wary of the increase in cyber-attacks.

“Over the years, The Profit has witnessed the rise of digital technologies and reported on the changing opportunities and expectations because of it. There have been numerous challenges and opportunities for businesses in our region, and through it all, The Profit has remained a valuable resource for all of us interested in keeping up with the latest developments and insights in the local business community.”

He says the magazine has also chronicled and celebrated many local achievements along the way. “Everywhere across the region, we have all looked forward to picking up a copy of the magazine, free each month showcasing continued growth, innovation, and prosperity for both the magazine and the businesses it serves in Hawke’s Bay!”

As we now look to the future and how the region’s economy responds to the cyclone former Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce president Gary Hemmings says it is now more important than ever that there’s a positive forum for stories of local business.

“13 years of positive news is so impressive. It is timely to recognise this work as we’re going to need a diet of very positive stories over the next couple of years.”