Sally Duncan Te Mata Estate & Hawke’s Bay Wine Growers Association

How has COVID changed how you foster/enhance your key relationships in China?

Obviously the main change is the lack of market visits but we are engaging in many online and virtual tastings in China.

How do you maintain a physical presence?

Te Mata has had a great distributor in China called Torres for 20 years now. They know us really well and they do a great job promoting the Te Mata brand on the ground in China.

How do your NZ based (or HB based) staff now interact with those that you do business with in China?

Te Mata like most businesses are zooming a lot these days. We also try to keep regular emails, phone calls going and I am very active on the Chinese social media platform, Wechat!

Are you seeing a downturn or do you remain optimistic about trade in China??

Te Mata’s been seeing strong growth for our top red wines (Coleraine, Awatea Cabernet/Merlot, Bullnose Syrah, and our new Alma Pinot Noir) across all our export markets in recent years – particularly in China. The quality from the spectacular run of great vintages – ’18, ’19 and now ’20, means that we’ve got the best wines we’ve ever made, and our markets are responding accordingly!