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Kane Williamson blasts Rockit apples into major marketing push

Innovative New Zealand apple company Rockit Global Limited, recognised across the world for its miniature Rockit™ apple variety, has today announced an inaugural Global Ambassador partnership with Kiwi cricketer Kane Williamson.

The New Zealand cricket captain, who will shortly leave New Zealand to begin his season with the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL), says joining Rockit™ is exciting, and he can’t wait to get started. “I love getting hands-on with the brands I align with, and Rockit is a great product – one that I’m passionate about driving forward,” Kane says.

Rockit Global’s General Manager Global Marketing, Julian Smith, says the partnership is a significant step for the organisation. “Establishing a Global Ambassador role for Rockit will, we believe, have a hugely positive impact on our international marketing and brand awareness. Kane is an outstanding example of a New Zealander with drive and determination who has taken on the world – just like Rockit.”

The arrangement will see Kane champion Rockit™ apples to a cricket-mad audience worldwide. With Rockit Global’s plans to tackle the high-end produce category in India this year, Kane’s involvement will also help introduce the small, sweet, snack apples to a potential market of millions of discerning Indian consumers. “It’s a really exciting opportunity to venture into this market,” explains Kane, who has a huge following in India. “As Kiwis, we already know that the produce we’re able to generate in New Zealand is of the highest quality and I know that when consumers in India and other countries get the opportunity to try a Rockit apple, they’ll really enjoy them.”

Kane will be involved in digital activations, marketing and events for Rockit™. It’s also the first time Kane has approved insignia on his bat, which – for the duration of the IPL season – will proudly carry Rockit™ branding. Kane says he would only ever want his bat to bear branding that aligns with his own core values and ethos. “The fit is without doubt the primary thing I look at when considering a commercial alignment, so this is the first time there’s been any other branding on my bat. While there have been other opportunities in the past, I’d wanted to keep that space clear for the right endorsement.”

Why Rockit™? Kane has a direct interest in Rockit™ orchards, an investment interest in brand owner Rockit Global via Oriens Capital, and wholeheartedly believes in the quality of the produce. “Healthy eating is a big part of my lifestyle, and it’s clear to me what a great snack Rockit is. The size is great, and the flavour is incredible.”

Kane recently travelled to Hawke’s Bay to see first-hand how the apples are grown, and to meet the people behind the brand. He says despite the obvious setbacks Covid-19 has created – including the fact the IPL will be played in the United Arab Emirates this season – it has also allowed him the time and freedom to fully explore the partnership presented to him by Rockit Global. “I’d always wanted to look at opportunities that are Kiwi, and that hold relevance to who we are as a country and what we do. For me, the primary sector represents that, and once I met the team at Rockit, I knew the alignment made sense. I’m passionate about the product, it’s healthy, it’s authentic, and it’s purposeful.”

Julian says the entire Rockit Global team is delighted with the arrangement and that Kane’s reputation as an outstanding sportsman, inspirational leader and exceptional New Zealander make him the ideal partner. “Kane’s an excellent fit for Rockit as he – and we – strive for new goals around the globe. We welcome him on board.”