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Health and fitness trends for 2023

What will the trends be for 2023 and can we use them to help us?

Wearable technology We have noted a big increase in the local and world-wide community using wearable technology. People are now more interested than ever in focusing on their health and wellbeing goals while being able to track their success along the way.

Wearables individuals measure the impact of their exercise sessions and ensure they were challenging themselves as it relates to heart rate zone, caloric burn, steps taken, recovery time, and exercise intensity. This trend has grown massively over the past 2 years and will only continue to grow in 2023.

With many options on the market from smart watches to fitness and GPS trackers it is worth well worth putting one of these on your Christmas list and definitely worth considering how you could utilise them in the health and wellbeing of your workplace in 2023.

Movement Snacks

An exercise snack or mini workout is a short bout of exercise that lasts for ten minutes or less and can be done multiple times throughout the day. There are a variety of benefits to snacking on exercise and movement.

Firstly, engaging in mini exercise sessions can help busy individuals stay fit and healthy while trying to manage a busy work and family life. From a motivational perspective it is far less intimidating to exercise for shorter durations throughout the day versus committing to an hour or longer exercise session. Many people around the world experienced the benefit of this new approach during the pandemic and lockdowns.

Many still love the approach and have confirmed that the trend is here to stay. People want to get the job done with less time commitment. Could you snack on exercise and movement during your working day?

HIIT Workouts

HIIT workouts have been high on the trend list for years now and will stay high for the years ahead. They require bursts of high-intensity strength and cardio exercises followed by periods of recovery. 30-45 mins of fun and functional exercises that get you BIG results fast! No two classes are the same.

Every class will challenge you, and have you coming back for more! People want to make sure that they are getting the maximum benefit possible during the time they spend exercising. Similar to the idea of maximizing effort with shorter mini workouts, they do this with the added bonus of a fun a social environment. One word of warning – these workouts should be balanced with easier low intensity sessions throughout the week.

Virtual coaches and classes

Virtual coaches and classes grew massively over the pandemic and kept the health and fitness industry in business.

Having access to on demand services that you can use in the gym, at work, while you travel and at home via an app is a trend that will continue to grow in 2023. By providing these services our community has now grown to include Australia, the UK, USA and Japan. Having the option to train at the gym three times per week and two times while you are travelling for work helps increase results.

Community and social groups

Being part of a community and social group is the key to your success with your health and fitness goals. The inability to be social and connect during the pandemic has made this trend even more popular as an exercise preference. Community engagement in outdoor and social group fitness settings has big benefits. Run clubs, group walks, group ocean swims, group rides are all seeing great numbers. Have you got one of these on your list to try in 2023?