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HB Horticulturalist of the Year for 2019

New Zealand Apples & Pears and the Hawke’s Bay Fruitgrowers’ Association have announced the sector is joining the Primary Sector Awards next year.

The HB Horticulturalist of the Year will go to an outstanding individual recognising their significant contribution to horticulture through their innovation, resilience, and leadership along with their commitment to education, the environment and social responsibility.

“Hawke’s Bay’s billion-dollar horticultural industry has become one of the best success stories of the region. Great people, who are recognised as world leaders in their field, grow our success,” says Alan, chief executive of New Zealand Apples & Pears.

The award it is open to all fruit and vegetable growers, as defined by Horticulture NZ, including landowners, lessees and managers.

It’s also a very exciting opportunity for everyone associated with horticulture

to come on board to as a potential entrant, supporter or sponsor, says Alan.

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