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Fingermark Triumphs as 2023 AmCham New Zealand Technology Exporter of the Year

Hawke’s Bay based technology company, Fingermark, has been named the 2023 AmCham – DHL Express Success & Innovation Awards for Technology Exporter of the Year to the Unites States.

The award recognises Fingermark’s exceptional achievements in the global technology export industry and its remarkable contributions to the tech sector within New Zealand.

Fingermark stood out among an impressive field of competitors, including Goodnature Ltd, Quantifi Photonics Ltd, and Nui Markets Ltd.

“We are humbled and honoured to receive the 2023 AmCham New Zealand Technology Exporter of the Year award,” says Fingermark’s founder and CEO, Luke Irving.

“This achievement is a reflection of the incredible dedication and talent of our team, as well as the enduring support of our global partners.”

The judging panel evaluated each finalist against a set of criteria that showcased a profound passion for achieving business success, fostering innovation and harnessing marketing opportunities.

Fingermark’s solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence within the Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) industry have propelled them to the forefront of the technology export landscape.

This remarkable feat showcases Fingermark’s dedication, innovation, and capacity to succeed on a global scale.

The company’s success story exemplifies the power of innovation, collaboration, and determination, as Fingermark has partnered with leading (QSRs) across the world to revolutionize customer experiences through its advanced technologies.

” We are immensely grateful to AmCham NZ for recognising our efforts and for supporting New Zealand companies to build lasting relationships with the United States.”

Fingermark’s technology solutions have not only driven business growth but have also enhanced the customer journey within the QSR industry.

Fingermark has positioned itself as a leader in shaping the future of technology exports from New Zealand, proving that geographical boundaries are no hindrance to achieving global success.

Luke says as Fingermark celebrates this remarkable achievement, it remains focused in its commitment to innovation, growth, and collaboration.

“The company’s success story serves as an inspiration to the technology export community, demonstrating that with vision, determination, and strategic partnerships, even companies based in the sunny Hawke’s Bay can make a lasting impact on the global stage.”