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Creating successful business owners in the Bay

Creating successful businesses across Hawke’s Bay is behind the change of name for well-known Hawke’s Bay accounting firm enablebusiness to +MORE.

“+MORE’s core purpose is to create successful business owners,” says Sam Ogle, owner and director of +MORE Hawke’s Bay.

Over the past 12 months, Sam’s Hawke’s Bay team have been on a journey and COVID-19 has highlighted how important it is to them to deliver and support their clients in more than just an accounting capacity.

“Providing great accountancy services to our clients remains a big part of what we do, but when it comes to solving cash flow issues, supporting debt restructuring, working through due diligence processes or any areas our clients need our support in, we are here to help and deliver more,” says Sam.

While their name has changed, their people, values and services remain the same.

“We care about our clients and for many we have become an extension of their business; their go-to advisor for all aspects of their business, not just accounting.

“COVID-19 lockdown really highlighted this for us, and it really cemented our client relationships. We have been adding more to our client’s businesses for years now, it made sense to us to have a name that was able to reflect who we are and what we do best.”

+MORE supports their clients through a range of advisory services that include business planning, cash flow forecasting, coaching, succession planning, governance, HR, people management and more. If there are areas where they can’t provide the specialised advice their clients need, they work with their trusted network of professionals to ensure their client receives the best support possible.

As an addition to their core service offerings, +MORE host complimentary webinars each month on a range of relevant business topics that are open to all to attend, not just clients.

What is +MORE?

+MORE is a business advisory and accountancy firm.

“We guide business owners through planning, forecasting and coaching with a suite of tools and strong partner connections to help our clients grow their capability.”

The team at +MORE believe every small and medium New Zealand business deserves access to practical business advice, and they are passionate about helping Hawke’s Bay business owners feel supported through their advisory and accountancy expertise.

The +MORE team truly care about the success of their clients and they understand that success looks different to everyone. Whether it is spending more time with family, growing a business or achieving financial freedom, whatever success looks like for the business owner, +MORE listen and work with their clients to help them achieve their business goals.

Jess Tietjen becomes a new Hawke’s Bay owner & director.

Jess joined the Hawke’s Bay team almost two years ago and most recently she became a director and co-owner of +MORE Hawke’s Bay with Sam Ogle.

The re-brand has been exciting for Jess: “The firm and I are starting our new chapter at the same time and I am helping shape the +MORE story.”

“We’re a modern firm with a vibrant high energy team and that’s why I jumped at the chance to become an owner and director.”

“It is great having Jess as a business partner,” says Sam. “She lives our core values daily. She is passionate about her work and has a healthy commercial view of the world.”

It is a partnership that works and will support +MORE towards their vision – fuelling the ambition of business owners in the creation of time, mind and financial freedom.

For Jess it made sense to come on board this journey with Sam. The firm’s values, purpose and vision resonated with her and when offered the opportunity to become an owner, it was a no brainer to accept.

“After spending years advising business owners, it feels great to be one myself. From starting out as a graduate accountant all those years ago to becoming a director of a firm feels like a huge sense of accomplishment.”

Jess has always had huge respect for business owners, always appreciating it certainly isn’t easy.

Becoming a business owner helped her further relate to the challenges her client’s face, the hard work that goes into it and, most importantly, the rewards that come with business ownership.

“We have a fantastic team along with awesome clients doing exciting work, which makes for an enjoyable work life for our team.”

The future of +MORE in Hawke’s Bay.

Sam, Jess and the Hawke’s Bay team are passionate about helping business owners achieve both their business and personal goals. Working alongside clients who have the drive to be the best that they can be and achieve their goals year on year is what gets them out of bed in the morning.

“Hawke’s Bay is a great place to do business and is filled with driven and innovative business owners. Being able to support them to achieve their successes is what we love doing and will continue to do in the future.”


Sam Ogle 021 802 882

Jess Tietjen 021 444 869

Office: Level 1, 33 Havelock Road, Havelock North 4130