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The land of plenty will rise again
Big things were expected from 2020. Hawke’s Bay’s economy was hot to trot and regarded as one of the strongest performing regions across New Zealand. But, that all came to screaming halt on March 25 when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that businesses and schools across the country would go into lockdown and we would be forced to stay home...
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Business HB ready to support local businesses
As New Zealand emerges from its COVID-19 lockdown, around the country business and community leaders are turning their thoughts to regional recovery. We are now confronted by a deep global, national, and local recession, the sharpness of which is unprecedented. It will be a slow, persistent climb out of this recession, back to some sense of normality. New Zealand is...
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Brenda Chapman bids farewell to successful stint at EIT
Brenda Chapman has been the marketing face and voice of local tertiary education institute EIT for 20 years. You will have heard Brenda’s Canadian effervescent accent on the local radio stations promoting the many courses at EIT. Brenda started at EIT in January 2000 when there was just over 2000 EFTS (students) and leaves 20 years later with the EIT...
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The Alternative Board proves to be a winner
TAB was first featured in The Profit in 2018, when it was launched in Hawke’s Bay by Wayne Baird and Russell Jaggard. Back then, Wayne and Russell were just starting to establish TAB, seeing the opportunity to offer the model that was benefiting small businesses across New Zealand and the world. The more conventional advisory structure for a business is to have...
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$70m petfood plant for Napier
Significant growth in global demand for its natural pet food range will see ZIWI build a new state-of-the-art processing kitchen in Awatoto, 5 kilometres south of the Napier city centre. The new 12,000 square metre production kitchen will cost NZ $70 million and will be fitted out with the latest processing technology. The kitchen will be capable of doubling ZIWI’s...
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Meke Meter and Dominys set to dominate wellbeing market
Levi and Dana Armstrong have a strong desire to improve the mental, social and physical wellbeing of communities. For over five years, the Armstrongs have worked with a team of researchers at EIT to develop the Meke Meter, www.mekemeter.org. The Meke Meter is an indigenous quality of life self-assessment tool. By asking people to think about their current physical, mental...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview with Levi Armstrong – Meke Meter innovator
Levi Armstrong is the last of 12 interviews we have done with local business owners. Levi has 2 exciting initiatives, the Meke Meter that measures and monitords our overall well being and the other a mobile gym that will be launched at a Wellington school in a few weeks. During lockdown the Meke Meter monitored the wellbeing of over 1000...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview with Rachel Cornwall of Populous People
Rachel Cornwall has placed some of the best people in some great local businesses for many years. During Covid19 Rachel decided to reset and to launch a new business that not only finds the best talent but also how to assist businesses grow the talent within. Rachel is a staunch HB advocate and is a local business that is certainly...
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video interview with Heath Hallam of BDO Central
Heather Hallam is a partner at BDO Central. Heather says its essential businesses know the current status of cashflow and a business plan, regardless of Covid19. CASH is king - it's never been as important as it is now. Here's our latest quick 15 minute interview. It's certainly worth watching!   https://youtu.be/14V_x4PmyOs
Profit Interviews with Business Central
Video Interview with Gary Singh of The Clean Crew
Gary Singh is the owner of  The Clean Crew, a local cleaning business. Gary and his team have been busy looking at new opportunities post lockdown but it was his wife that he turned to for support and advice and to ensure he was on the right track. The Clean Crew's business was impacted by Covid19 with many commercial offices...