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Strong Wifi is critical to business success

In business we are using more technology than ever and the internet is now an essential service for our business. With an increase demand on online applications and services having good practical secure Wifi is critical.

Business demands technology to be mobile, flexible and not hardwired when possible.

Sometimes we forget that we are still using the standard modem that was provided to us when we signed up for broadband services. This can be enough, but we are seeing a lot that isn’t.

There are several issues to consider when looking to address the WiFi need of the businesses.

  • How many devices are going to be connected?
  • What type of data will be transferred, Streaming, Skype, etc
  • SecurityConsider the number of devices connecting and take into account not only laptops and PCs but also mobile devices and other connected devices like sensors, alarms and any thing that may be IoT.If you only use the internet for online banking and general work-related activities that don’t need large amounts of bandwidth then you only need think about the location of the modem to ensure strong signal. But if you have a greater need then its time to look at upgrading to commercial grade access points modem and security.

A common question often centres on the need for a business-grade access point over the many less-expensive alternatives with similar specifications. It is worth noting that an important premise for a business- grade access point is reliability under sustained, heavy usage, which is unlikely to be the case from an access point picked from the bargain bin

The cost of the hardware has come down significantly, making the choice to replace your standard modem at the same time as installing a business grade access point very cost effective.

Not only has the cost of the access point come down but the functionality as become more user friendly. A number of Access Points can be managed via a cloud base portal.

The tools are available to enhance your existing network and can be easily installed. But what shouldn’t be forgotten is how you ensure the security of you data and importantly customer data.

As more Internet of Things (IoT) smart devices are introduced into company networks, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to assure the security of those devices and the network where the company’s most precious information is sited.

For example, a rather unusual and recent case involved a casino whose database was hacked via a smart thermometer monitoring water in an aquarium located in the casino’s lobby. Once the system had been breached, the hackers were able to pull the database back through the thermometer and into the cloud.

It’s important when storing customer data that you have the tools in place to protect it. In all cases an IT professional should be consulted when upgrading to ensure you are protecting the data and are meeting compliance requirements.

Consider the nature of the work your employees do and how much of that is dependent on the internet. If you work in a highly internet-dependent field, then having a strong, business-grade internet connection that can handle all of the traffic that is using it each day will be vital to your employees being able to remain productive throughout their workday.

A slow internet service can frustrate employees who are trying to be productive with their workday. Keeping employees happy with the tools they need to complete their job in a timely manner (such as business- grade internet) makes the investment worthwhile.

Getting the right solution for your business and needs will mean you are well place to take advantage of new technologies that will be relevant to you. Staff will be more productive, and customers will be confident you protect their data.

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