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In a Volatile World – Make Sure You Have the Right Values Insured
The world is increasingly volatile with newspapers being filled with stories of economic doom and gloom. Continuing issues with supply chains are impacting the availability of all imported goods including building materials, replacement parts, and machinery. Inflation is set to hit levels not seen since the late 80’s and early 90’s.The consequence of this is that prices continue to rise...
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Navigating the fast-moving world of cyber risks
Commentary on cyber risk seems to be in the news almost every day. With good reason. Many organisations from the Government, through to consulting firms, business associations and insurers are all trying to raise awareness of the risks that SME businesses face. The simple fact is that cyber risk and threats are developing and changing. It is a fast-moving area that...
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On your side in fast changing times
Businesses are operating in uncertain and unpredictable times when 50 to 100 year events such as pandemics, droughts and floods are happening with more regularity. In Hawke’s Bay the rural sector has had two consecutive summer droughts while Napier was struck by a major flood event that damaged houses, vehicles and businesses. A well-established New Zealand insurance brokerage firm ICIB...