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Where is your business heading? and what can you do to help get it there?
While being the best in one’s industry is a lofty business goal, in today’s climate it is crucial to set realistic, attainable goals rather than being caught up in the idealistic. As businesses continue to grapple with the fallout of Covid-19 and government mandates, businesses are left with less operating flexibility and certainty. It is therefore paramount that business owners...
Pro Business advice
Drive performance by better understanding the numbers
Hawke’s Bay’s economy is booming. The region is experiencing growth across a range of sectors and industries, unemployment numbers are dropping, house prices continue to rise and there is an air of business confidence within the region which is encouraging business owners to look to their future and what opportunities these positive developments could bring. One of these opportunities is...
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Show Me The Money
After a long period of low inflation and low wage and salary rises pressure is building in the remuneration market. There are a number of factors having an impact, most of which have featured prominently in the media. The new Government’s pledge to increase the minimum wage will be good news for those on low wages and will undoubtedly also...